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Custom Fitting With McGuirks

Our Custom Fitting Process

1. Pre Fitting Consulatation

We start our Custom Fitting Sessions by having a conversation with you to gain an understanding of your game, what you want to achieve from the fitting and how we can help to improve your game through the process.

2. Static Measurements

To allow us to find the best clubs for you, we take some measurements at the start of the fitting process which help us to pin point the clubs and specifications that will best suit your game. The two measurements we take are your height and your wrist to floor measurement.

3. Warm Up With Current Equipment

The next step of the process is to have you begin to hit some golf balls in order for you to warm up and get into the swing of things. Whilst hitting approx. 10 to 15 balls with your current club/clubs we will gather baseline data on how your club/clubs are performing for you and begin to determine what changes can be made to improve.

4. Testing of New Equipment

Once you are warmed up and our fitter has the baseline data on how your current clubs are performing, they will then begin to give you different head and shaft conbinations in the newest offerings from the top golf club brands that we think will improve your game. During this period, our fitter will work with you to find a head shape and shaft that you are comfortable with.

5. Adjustment of Specification of Equipment

Once you and our fitter have selected a head and shaft that both perform well and you are comfortable with, our fitter will then begin the process of making any adjustments to the specification of the club such as changing the length of the shaft, changing the lie angle of the club and discussing what grip will suit you best depending on your hand size.

6. Final Consulation

Once the testing is completed, our fitter will confirm your final club specification.

The Technology We Use

Trackman 4

Track It All

Get the full range of club and ball data - more tahn 40 parameters - on every shot in your arsenal. Gain deeper insight into your strengths and where to improve.

Two Radars. One Camera. Zero Doubt.

Trakman 4 uses patented optically enhanced radar tracking (OERT) technology to capture the exact impact location on the clubface. That's a level of precision you can't get anywhere else.

Accuracy Matters

The worlds top coaches, players, equipment manufacturers and club fitter choose and use Trackman 4 for a reason, because it delivers the highest-quality data. Period.

The No.1 Choice of Tour Pros

Trackman doesn't give their products to tour players for free. They buy their own Trackman 4 because it's an investment in their own game's. Knowledge is power.

The Complete Package

Trackman 4 is more than just a launch monitor. It's a complete golf performance & improvement solution. When you want the best of everything, there's really no other choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Can Get Custom Fitted?

All adult golfers from beginners to seasoned professionals can be Custom Fitted. We carry extensive equipment to be able to Custom Fit both Male & Female golfers in Right & Left Handed. Whilst not all of the manufacturers offer every club Left Handed, we can fit for the majority of options available in Left Handed.

  • Why Should I Get Custom Fit?

When custom fit, every aspect of the clubs are tailored to you. Not only the measurements of the clubs, but distance, accuracy, launch angle, spin rates, and more too. Having the confidence that your clubs are right for you can greatly improve not just your performance on the course, but your confidence and enjoyment too. Whether you are a beginner, or experienced golfer, we would always recommend being custom fit before committing to buying clubs.

  • What Brands Can I Be Fit For?

We Stock & Custom Fit the best brands in golf incluing Taylormade, Callaway, Ping, Titleist, Cobra, Mizuno, Wilson, Srixon and more.

  • Who Builds The Clubs Once I Order Them?

Once you place your order with us, we order your clubs with the manufacturer who build them from scratch in their state of the art Build Facilities. They use industry leading technology and techniques to ensure your clubs are built to the highest of standards.

  • Why Is There A Fee?

The booking fee is there to guarantee your booking as our custom fitting bays can be heavily booked throughout the year. The €50 charge is redeemable off the price of any purchase of clubs made after the fitting.

  • Can I Just Walk In?

Unfortunately not. Our custom fittings are operated on a booking only basis. We encourage our customers to try our products in store, however, we can only offer a full custom fitting through booking only.

  • What Do I need To Bring With Me?

You should bring your current clubs with you. If you are being custom fit for a driver, then you should bring your current driver so we can use its performance as a benchmark. If you are being fit for a set of irons, then you should bring your irons, etc. This allows our custom fitters to analyse the data from your current clubs and compare them to current models.


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